Hello, popcorn lovers!

We are the Baird family and we are the proud owners of Al’s Delicious Popcorn…..  Our family is grounded in tradition, but boasts many different personalities.  Our popcorn is much the same!  Popped since 1985, we maintain the same high standards as the first kernels popped, while expanding our selections to reach everyone’s taste buds.  Enjoy!


Al’s Delicious Popcorn is a family owned and operated business located in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1985, we have over 30 years of popping experience! During the past 3 decades, we’ve worked hard to perfect our popping techniques and recipes. Our dedication has paid off and today we are proud to offer popcorn lovers over 65 varieties of delectable gourmet popcorn!

Being a small, family run operation, we put our heart and soul into what we do. Each and every order is hand prepared, right in our own store, not in some remote processing facility. That way we can ensure that, you, our customer, are getting the best possible product. Once you taste our gourmet popcorn, we think you’ll agree that it really is the best!

We work with retail, wholesale, catering, online, catalog and any other popcorn lovers out there!

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Handcrafted | Gourmet | Over 65 Flavors | Gluten Free & Vegan Options

Handcrafted: Al’s Delicious Popcorn is popped in-house from the highest quality kernels and packaged by hand.

Gourmet: Not your normal salt and butter popcorn! We have over 65 flavors in stock at all times and we are always working on adding to our selections.

Family Owned: Owned by the Baird Family who work to serve our customers and satisfy their tastebuds!

Established in 1985: Founded by Al in Columbus, OH in 1985.

*Most popcorn flavors have Gluten Free and Vegan options available.



Bring in a group, relax, and have some fun while trying our popcorn! Click the button to schedule your group’s tasting or tour.

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