Tours/Tastings at Al’s Delicious Popcorn™ are a historic part of our experience! Adults often come into our locations and talk about coming for tours with school groups when they were young. The memory is always a fond one and helps to reinforce what Al’s Delicious Popcorn™ represents in areas we serve. We are a part of the neighborhood and we will always welcome our neighbors in!

Our tours vary a bit by location, but in general the experience begins by learning about the history of popcorn and how Al’s Delicious Popcorn™ was started. We then have the participants don some lovely hair nets and we take them to the kitchen to learn about how we pop and coat our delicious popcorn. This is especially fun since the group interact with our Popcorn Chef’s and are able to see our process in action. Since our Columbus and Cincinnati location are full service, we then take you to where we fill our custom bag orders and show you how it is done. You won’t find any big machines, as we do this all by hand!

Finally, we end with a popcorn tasting. Depending on the tour size, this means 2-3 flavors for large groups or multiple flavors for small groups. You are then welcome to purchase any of our Delicious Popcorn flavors! We work to make it fun and welcoming for all groups. From schools, to day cares, to senior living group, to various organizations, to individual and families, we welcome all! Tours are open to groups from 1 to 25 people. There is no cost for the tour. For larger groups, they tend to last from 45 minutes to 1 hour. For smaller groups, they last approximately 30 minutes.

Please book your tour online and we will be ready for you when you arrive!

Please note, tours are unavailable between October 1st and December 31st.


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